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New, second - hand & restored
Supply of accordions from 1930s, 1960s, etc., mother of pearl and decorated with diamontinas. Importer of Castagnari diatonic accordions, Piano accordions: Beltuna Prestige IV, Excelsior, Dolanti 84 bass 4 reed musette. Good 2nd hand fully restored piano accordions, continental chromatic button accordions,  free bass accordions, MIDI accordion, all with long term guarantee.

Unique Accordion 1 Castagnari Diatonic button accordion "Giordy" C/G. It plays the upper range of the larger size button accordion.

Full range of Castagnari accordions available by order.

Unique Accordion 2 Beltuna Prestige IV 120 bass Piano accordion. These can be ordered with factory fitted MIDI. Beltuna is a superior quality accordion and can be ordered.


Unique Accordion 3
Zupan Diatonic Helikon button accordion with Tuba basses.
Unique Accordion 4 deposit taken Fratelli Crosio, Chromatic "C" button accordion, 120 bass, French Musette tuned with MIDI.

hand made reeds, manufactured approx. 1990.

Instruments like these can be ordered.

Unique Accordion 5 deposit taken  Settimio Soprani Artist VI. Approx 1970. A classic quality accordion, much in demand.

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If you have any enquires or if you would like me to look for a particular instrument, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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